St. Louis “Spotter Challenges”

The St. Louis “Spotter Challenges” are checklists of different St. Louis flora and fauna. The purpose of each checklist is to make it easier to find and learn about our St. Louis natives. The Spotter Challenges are like scavenger hunts, except that only photographs are taken. The plants and animals are never bothered. We want to keep them safe forever.

Click on the Spotter Challenge you’d like to take:

  • St. Louis BIRD-SPOTTER (the Spotter is not yet ready, but here’s a BIRD CHECKLIST)
  • St. Louis BUTTERFLY & MOTH SPOTTER (coming eventually)
  • St. Louis FERN SPOTTER (the Spotter is not yet ready, but here’s a FERN CHECKLIST)
  • St. Louis ROCK & FOSSIL SPOTTER (coming eventually)
  • St. Louis POLLINATOR-SPOTTER (coming eventually)
  • St. Louis TREE-SPOTTER (the Spotter is not yet ready, but here’s a TREE CHECKLIST)

Finding and photographing 80% of the items on a Spotter Challenge earns a certificate. Those who are able to earn certificates for ALL of the Spotter Challenges are awarded an embroidered “St. Louis Naturalist” patch. (But that’s still in the future because now we only have one Spotter Challenge ready for use: the St. Louis Flower-Spotter.)