– a family in the Vitales order –

Here in the St. Louis Area, we have 9 not-too-obscure plants that are in the Grape Family:

  • Ampelopsis cordata  (Heartleaf Peppervine or Raccoon Grape)  [CC3]
  • Parthenocissus inserta  (Thicket Creeper)  [CC3]
  • Parthenocissus quinquifolia  (Virginia Creeper)  [CC3]
  • Vitis aestivalis  (Summer Grape)  [CC5]
  • Vitis cinerea  (Graybark Grape)  [CC3]
  • Vitis palmata  (Catbird Grape)  [CC6]
  • Vitis riparia  (Riverbank Grape)  [CC4]
  • Vitis rupestris  (Sand Grape)  [CC7]
  • Vitis vulpina  (Fox Grape)  [CC5]

[CC] = Coefficient of Conservatism