– a family in the Ranunculales order –

Here in the St. Louis Area, we have 23 not-too-obscure plants that are in the Buttercup Family. These plants can be organized into 3 (of 5) distinctive subfamilies:

Ranunculoideae Subfamily (18 species)

  • Actaea pachypoda (Doll’s Eyes) [CC8]
  • Anemone acutiloba (Sharp-Lobed Hepatica) [CC7]
  • Anemone canadensis (Canada Anemone) [CC6]
  • Anemone virginiana (Tall Thimbleweed) [CC4]
  • Clematis fremontii (Fremont’s Leather-Flower) [CC10]
  • Clematis pitcheri (Pitcher’s Leather-Flower) [CC6]
  • Clematis terniflora (Sweet Autumn Clematis) [intro]
  • Clematis virginiana (Virgin’s Bower) [CC3]
  • Consolida ajacis (Rocket Larkspur) [intro]
  • Delphinium carolinianum (Carolina Larkspur) [CC6]
  • Delphinium tricorne (Dwarf Larkspur) [CC6]
  • Myosurus minimus (Mousetail) [CC0]
  • Ranunculus abortivus (Littleleaf Buttercup) [CC1]
  • Ranunculus fascicularis (Early Buttercup) [CC5]
  • Ranunculus harveyi (Harvey’s Buttercup) [CC7]
  • Ranunculus hispidus (Bristly Buttercup) [CC4]
  • Ranunculus micranthus (Small-Flowered Buttercup) [CC3]
  • Ranunculus recurvatus (Hooked Buttercup) [CC5]

Thalictroideae Subfamily (4 species)

  • Aquilegia canadensis (Red Columbine) [CC6]
  • Enemion biternatum (False Rue-Anemone) [CC5]
  • Thalictrum revolutum (Waxyleaf Meadow-Rue) [CC5]
  • Thalictrum thalictroides (Rue-Anemone) [CC5]

Hydrastidoideae Subfamily (1 species)

  • Hydrastis canadensis (Goldenseal) [CC6]

[CC] = Coefficient of Conservatism