– a family in the Caryophyllales order –

Here in the St. Louis Area, we have 26 not-too-obscure plants that are in the Buckwheat Family:

  • Fallopia convolvulus (Black Bindweed) [intro]
  • Fallopia japonica (Japanese Knotweed) [intro]
  • Fallopia scandens (Climbing False Buckwheat) [CC3]
  • Persicaria amphibia  (Water Smartweed) [CC5]
  • Persicaria hydropiper  (Waterpepper) [CC3]
  • Persicaria hydropieroides  (Swamp Smartweed) [CC4]
  • Persicaria lapathifolia  (Pale Smartweed) [CC0]
  • Persicaria longiseta  (Bristled Smartweed) [intro]
  • Persicaria maculosa  (Lady’s Thumb) [intro]
  • Persicaria pensylvanica  (Pennsylvania Smartweed) [CC1]
  • Persicaria punctata  (Dotted Smartweed) [CC3]
  • Persicaria sagittata  (Arrowleaf Tearthumb) [CC4]
  • Persicaria virginiana  (Virginia Knotweed) [CC1]
  • Polygonum achoreum  (Leathery Knotweed) [CC0]
  • Polygonum aviculare  (Prostrate Knotweed) [intro]
  • Polygonum erectum  (Erect Knotweed) [CC1]
  • Polygonum ramosissimum  (Bushy Knotweed) [CC5]
  • Polygonum tenue  (Pleatleaf Knotweed) [CC6]
  • Rumex acetosella  (Sheep Sorrel) [intro]
  • Rumex altissimus  (Pale Dock) [CC2]
  • Rumex crispus  (Curly Dock) [intro]
  • Rumex fueginus  (Golden Dock) [CC5]
  • Rumex obtusifolius  (Bitter Dock) [intro]
  • Rumex patientia  (Patience Dock) [intro]
  • Rumex triangulivalvis  (White Dock) [CC3]
  • Rumex verticillatus  (Swamp Dock) [CC7]

[CC] = Coefficient of Conservatism