– a family in the Solanales order –

Here in the St. Louis Area, we have 17 not-too-obscure plants that are in the Morning Glory Family:

  • Calystegia sepium  (Hedge Bindweed) [CC1]
  • Calystegia silvatica  (Giant Bindweed) [CC1]
  • Convolvulus arvensis  (Field Bindweed) [intro]
  • Cuscuta campestris  (Field Dodder) [CC4]
  • Cuscuta cephalanthi  (Buttonbush Dodder) [CC6]
  • Cuscuta compacta  (Compact Dodder) [CC7]
  • Cuscuta cuspidata  (Cusp Dodder) [CC5]
  • Cuscuta glomerata  (Rope Dodder) [CC5]
  • Cuscuta gronovii  (Common Dodder) [CC3]
  • Cuscuta pentagona  (Five-Angled Dodder) [CC5]
  • Cuscuta polygonorum  (Smartweed Dodder) [CC7]
  • Evolvulus nuttallianus  (Shaggy Dwarf Morning Glory) [CC8]
  • Ipomoea coccinea  (Red Morning Glory) [intro]
  • Ipomoea hederacea  (Ivyleaf Morning Glory) [intro]
  • Ipomoea lacunosa  (White Morning Glory) [CC1]
  • Ipomoea pandurata  (Wild Sweet Potato) [CC2]
  • Ipomoea purpurea  (Common Morning Glory) [intro]

[CC] = Coefficient of Conservatism